Mercedes-Benz GLB Top Speed & Horsepower

On this page you will find the top speed and number of horsepower for various engines installed in the Mercedes-Benz GLB.

I have collected information about various popular diesel engines and petrol engines from 1 generations.

I also have a page with the fuel tank capacity in Mercedes-Benz GLB.

Here you can find how much different generations of Mercedes-Benz GLB weighs.

And here are the dimensions for different generations of the Mercedes-Benz GLB.

Mercedes-Benz GLB Top Speed

Below you will find tables with information about the various engines that you can find in Mercedes-Benz GLB.

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Mercedes-Benz GLB X247 Top Speed (2020 – )

Here you will find the top speed for different engines in Mercedes-Benz GLB from the year 2020 until today.

ModelFuelHorsepowerTop Speed km/hTop Speed mph
Mercedes-Benz GLB 180 7G-DCTPetrol136 hp200 km/h124 mph
Mercedes-Benz GLB 200 7G-DCTPetrol163 hp207 km/h129 mph
Mercedes-Benz GLB 200 4MATIC 8G-DCTPetrol163 hp202 km/h126 mph
Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 4MATIC 8G-DCTPetrol224 hp236 km/h147 mph
Mercedes-Benz AMG GLB 35 4MATIC 8G-DCTPetrol306 hp250 km/h155 mph
Mercedes-Benz GLB 180 d 8G-DCTDiesel116 hp188 km/h117 mph
Mercedes-Benz GLB 200 d 8G-DCTDiesel150 hp204 km/h127 mph
Mercedes-Benz GLB 200 d 4MATIC 8G-DCTDiesel150 hp201 km/h125 mph
Mercedes-Benz GLB 220 d 8G-DCTDiesel190 hp220 km/h137 mph
Mercedes-Benz GLB 220 d 4MATIC 8G-DCTDiesel190 hp217 km/h135 mph

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