Saab 90 dimensions

On this page you will find different dimensions for the Saab 90.

You will find, among other things, information about width, length and height.

I have collected information about various popular diesel engines and petrol engines from 1 generations of Saab 90.

If there are two measurements, it may be because different equipment means that the car can differ in size. For example, if the car has fixed rails on the roof or sportier suspension that makes the car lower.

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Saab 90 dimensions

Here you will find the length, width and height for different generations of Saab 90.

All measurements are shown in millimeters.

I also have a page with the fuel tank capacity in Saab 90.

If you are curious about how fast your car is, you will find the top speed for Saab 90 here.

Here you can find how much different generations of Saab 90 weighs.

Saab 90 1st Generation dimensions (1984 – 1987)

Here you will find the dimensions for Saab 90 between the year 1984 and 1987.

ModelLengthWidthHeightGround clearance
Saab 90 2.0458016901430140

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