Saab 99 Fuel Tank Capacity

On this page you will find the fuel tank capacity for various engines installed in the Saab 99.

I have collected information about various popular diesel engines and petrol engines from 1 generations.

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Saab 99 fuel tank capacity

Saab 99 fuel tank capacity vary according to year of production and fuel type.

All fuel tank volumes are in liters.

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Saab 99 1st Generation fuel tank capacity (1968 – 1984)

Here you will find the fuel tank capacity for different engines in Saab 99 between the years 1968 och 1984.

ModelFuelHorsepowerFuel tank capacity
Saab 99 1.7Petrol80 hp46.8 liters
Saab 99 1.8Petrol85 hp46.8 liters
Saab 99 1.8Petrol88 hp46.8 liters
Saab 99 1.8Petrol95 hp45 liters
Saab 99 2.0Petrol100 hp54.6 liters
Saab 99 2.0Petrol110 hp58 liters
Saab 99 2.0Petrol118 hp54.6 liters
Saab 99 2.0 TurboPetrol145 hp55 liters

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