Skoda Scala Top Speed & Horsepower

On this page you will find the top speed and number of horsepower for various engines installed in the Skoda Scala.

I have collected information about various popular diesel engines and petrol engines from 1 generations.

I also have a page with the fuel tank capacity in Skoda Scala.

Here you can find how much different generations of Skoda Scala weighs.

And here are the dimensions for different generations of the Skoda Scala.

Skoda Scala Top Speed

Below you will find tables with information about the various engines that you can find in Skoda Scala.

If you see something that is not correct, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page and I will correct it.

Skoda Scala 1st Generation Top Speed (2019 – )

Here you will find the top speed for different engines in Skoda Scala from the year 2019 until today.

ModelFuelHorsepowerTop Speed km/hTop Speed mph
Skoda Scala 1.0 TSIPetrol115 hp201 km/h125 mph
Skoda Scala 1.5 TSIPetrol150 hp219 km/h136 mph
Skoda Scala 1.0 G-TecPetrol90 hp182 km/h113 mph

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