Volvo XC40 Curb Weight & Gross Weight

Are you wondering how much your Volvo XC40 weighs? On this page, you will find the curb weight and total (gross) weight for various year models of Volvo XC40.

You will find the most common petrol and diesel engines for each generation and model year.

I have collected information about 1 generations of Volvo XC40.

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Volvo XC40 curb weight & gross weight

Here you will find the curb weight and gross weight for different generations of the Volvo XC40.

All weights are shown in kilograms (kg) and pounds (lbs).

If there are two different weights, it is because some models have different equipment.

I also have a page with the fuel tank capacity in Volvo XC40.

If you are curious about how fast your car is, you will find the top speed for Volvo XC40 here.

Here you can find the dimensions (width, height, length) for the Volvo XC40.

Volvo XC40 1st Generation curb weight & gross weight (2018 – )

Here you will find the weights for the Volvo XC40 from the year 2018 until today.

ModelYearFuelCurb weight (kg)Curb weight (lbs)Gross weight (kg)Gross weight (lbs)
Volvo XC40 T22020 – 2023Petrol1574 – 22203470 – 48942060 – 26804542 – 5908
Volvo XC40 T32018 – 2020Petrol1568345720604542
Volvo XC40 T32019 – 2022Petrol1574 – 22203470 – 48942060 – 26804542 – 5908
Volvo XC40 T4 AWD2018 – 2022Petrol1710377022204894
Volvo XC40 T42018 – 2020Petrol1648363321604762
Volvo XC40 T5 AWD2018 – 2020Petrol1684371322204894
Volvo XC402018 – 2020Petrol1684371322204894
Volvo XC40 D32018 – 2021Diesel1643 – 16743622 – 36912120 – 21804674 – 4806
Volvo XC40 D3 AWD2018 – 2021Diesel1716 – 17463783 – 38492200 – 22404850 – 4938
Volvo XC402019 – 2021Diesel1681370621804806
Volvo XC402019 – 2021Diesel1742384022404938
Volvo XC40 D4 AWD2018 – 2021Diesel1735382522504960
Volvo XC402018 – 2021Diesel1735382522504960
Volvo XC40 P62022 – 2023Electric2030447524805467
Volvo XC40 P8 AWD2020 – 2023Electric2188482426505842
Volvo XC40 T42021 – 2023Petrol1812399522905049
Volvo XC40 T52020 – 2023Petrol1812399522905049
Volvo XC40 B32022 – 2023Petrol1702375222204894
Volvo XC40 B42021 – 2023Petrol1702375222204894
Volvo XC40 B4 AWD2021 – 2023Petrol1756387122705004
Volvo XC40 B42021 – 2022Petrol1711377222304916
Volvo XC40 B4 AWD2021 – 2022Petrol1768389822805027
Volvo XC40 B5 AWD2021 – 2022Petrol1775391322805027

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